As the administration and accounts manager at Tiger Law my day is pretty varied which I love, the interaction with my colleagues is great although, it will be nice to get everyone back to the offices for at least a few days of the week, but video chats and messages flood in all day so we’re keeping together as a team. My interaction with clients is something I really enjoy, speaking with different people from all walks of life and it’s great to feel that Tiger Law is helping these people whether they are buying a house or getting a divorce (heavens forbid). The best part of what I am doing is the apprenticeship work, it is such a breath of fresh air to have a boss who takes actions on things rather than just pay slip service, I can honestly say this is the best job I have ever had. 


Sure, the administration side can be a bit let’s say mundane but it’s an important part of keeping things going at the company so I take pride in the fact I’m trusted to do this and of course I can always think about my next gym visit and do some running on the spot whilst typing……it’s not as easy as you think. Some people say they hate the administration side of their jobs, but I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoy it. I enjoy the importance you feel when you are given a high priority task and knowing everything that is going on within the company! 


For me communication is everything in a job in some of my previous roles people did not talk together and work as a cohesive team, here it is the exact opposite the team spirit is well and truly alive at Tiger Law and that promotes great team building and a much better working environment. Tiger Law promotes equality, so yes, I may just be the ‘admin girl’ to some companies but within Tiger I am treated with respect and appreciation, and also often told that its me that keeps the firm alive! 


I’m looking forward to the years to come and expanding my knowledge further. Who knows where I might be in a few years time?! Practise manager? Solicitor? The directors right hand woman? Either way, I cannot wait to explore my true potential within Tiger Law! 


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 Tiger Law , 2023 © All Rights Reserved 

 Tiger Law , 2023 © All Rights Reserved