Guardianship – ensuring your children are placed with those you trust through your Will

Whilst watching the BBC’s latest underwater thriller ‘Vigil’ an important point raised its head, which would have been missed by many, or at most a tear would have been shed for the main character’s heartbreak.     In case you missed it (and this is not a spoiler alert), the main character lost her partner of many years, which was sad in itself, however, at that point she also lost the daughter she had raised and called her own.  The…

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The Role of Grandparents During Divorce

A relationship breakdown can be a really difficult time with lots to think about and deal with.  Grandparents can sometimes be forgotten about during this time.  The relationship breakdown can affect grandparents, and the wider family, in a number of ways and this blog aims to deal with some of the key points. Parents Grandparents can be a tricky issue for parents on divorce, dissolution or separation. Maybe your ex’s parents were very helpful when you were together, looking after…

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The Section 25 Notice and what this means for commercial landlords and tenants

Termination of a commercial lease under section 25 Introduction Tiger takes a look at the landlord’s section 25 notice under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954. Here we look at Landlord’s section 25 notice to terminate a commercial lease. Before reading on, it is worth checking to make sure that your lease is not excluded from this applying, and that your lease is a tenancy as defined by the 1954 Act (the “Act”). Landlords often exclude leases from these provisions so that tenants…

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Working capital considerations in merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions

What is working capital and why is it important for M&A transactions? Working capital considerations in merger and acquisition (“M&A”) transactions - the bane of many a solicitor's life when drafting agreements in this space. A lot of solicitors choose to avoid accounting principles for a reason: for fear of liability issues and the overwhelming realisation that by even venturing into this space, a solicitor may be out of his/her depth. Solicitors often seem to turn a blind eye to what is…

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Personal Injury Trusts

With thousands of personal injury claims made a year, we look at the importance of Personal Injury Trusts for those not only on means-tested benefits, but when planning for future care costs and benefit claims. Introduction When a person has suffered from an injury for which compensation is payable, one question is how it will affect any benefits they have been claiming either prior to or following the injury.  However, regardless of the amount awarded following a claim, this is not something…

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Routes Into Law With Stacie Pettman

Routes into Law with Stacie Pettman – Qualifying as a Legal Executive via CILEx In this third instalment of the Routes into Law series, Stefanie meets with a fellow CILEx student and friend, Stacie Pettman. Stacie is a Commercial Paralegal at Mowll & Mowll Solicitors in Dover whose journey into law began with an entry level role and soon she will qualify as a Legal Executive via CILEx.

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Routes into Law Legal Apprentice Route – All You Need to Know

Routes into Law Legal Apprentice Route – All You Need to Know Routes Into Law with Stefanie Smith illuminates the variety of routes to a career in law. In this episode, Stefanie meets with Kim Powell from Damar Training to speak about the legal apprentice route into law. They discuss training whilst working and Kim explains the three stage programme including what each stage involves and what you could expect to earn whilst training. Kim and Stefanie also bust…

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Routes Into Law with Leonie Savory – An Unconventional Route to Litigation

Routes Into Law with Stefanie Smith illuminates the variety of routes to a career in law.   In this episode, Stefanie speaks to Leonie Savory, a solicitor working in civil disputes and litigation dispute resolution at Tiger Law. They talk about her journey to law, being a career changer, qualifying and working with young children and life as a litigator working remotely. Part of the ROAR with Tiger Law podcast series.

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Applications for Child Arrangements Made Simpler

When you are embroiled in family proceedings, you will have most likely heard of a Section 8 Order or come across a C100 Form. Understanding the difference between the Orders or knowing how to complete the form can be daunting, especially when you read the words “Specific Issue Order, Prohibited Steps Order or a Child Arrangements Order.” However, once you understand which Order you require and any other forms that may need to be included with the application, as long as you take your time and have all the information you need, it is something you…

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