Bullying In The Workplace Is Real

This week is anti-bullying week, something I find very important.  Having three children, I am often taken back to the days at school where I was relentlessly bullied for years at primary, and despite a school move, my bully reappeared and attempted the same moves she had done before.  Although this time I had built up new friendships, I was determined not to let her ruin my new found happiness and friendships.  I responded to the abusive comments, instead of…

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The Importance Of Taking Stock Of Your Digital Assets

When people envisage what the term ‘digital asset’ actually means, they are likely to imagine crypto-currency and feel that it is not something that they personally need to consider when planning their Will.  However, the term covers a vast array of ‘assets’ that many people now own and would not even consider an asset, as it is not something that is tangible. When planning your will, you must reach past all that is tangible and that can be physically…

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There’s Nothing Clean About Money Laundering!

Global lenders have recently come under fire for their lack of anti-money laundering efforts, with the news that more than $2 trillion has been transferred in suspected funds within the last two decades. Money laundering is the act of hiding money that has been obtained illegally and passing it through various and often complex system of bank accounts and transactions, so that it become ‘clean’. Often laundered money originates from criminal activity, allowing criminals to fund and further their operations. …

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Marketing Consent

Taking advantage of a person’s vulnerability is never seen as a good thing or an attribute to be admired, however there are those in the legal industry perpetuating the stereotype that they are out to gain an advantage through another’s suffering.   One does not expect to visit a solicitor’s office, following the death of a loved one to collect the Will,  to find marketing material included with their documents.  This is what happened to one our clients recently, and here at…

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