Routes Into Law With Stacie Pettman

Routes into Law with Stacie Pettman – Qualifying as a Legal Executive via CILEx In this third instalment of the Routes into Law series, Stefanie meets with a fellow CILEx student and friend, Stacie Pettman. Stacie is a Commercial Paralegal at Mowll & Mowll Solicitors in Dover whose journey into law began with an entry level role and soon she will qualify as a Legal Executive via CILEx.

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Routes into Law Legal Apprentice Route – All You Need to Know

Routes into Law Legal Apprentice Route – All You Need to Know Routes Into Law with Stefanie Smith illuminates the variety of routes to a career in law. In this episode, Stefanie meets with Kim Powell from Damar Training to speak about the legal apprentice route into law. They discuss training whilst working and Kim explains the three stage programme including what each stage involves and what you could expect to earn whilst training. Kim and Stefanie also bust…

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Routes Into Law with Leonie Savory – An Unconventional Route to Litigation

Routes Into Law with Stefanie Smith illuminates the variety of routes to a career in law.   In this episode, Stefanie speaks to Leonie Savory, a solicitor working in civil disputes and litigation dispute resolution at Tiger Law. They talk about her journey to law, being a career changer, qualifying and working with young children and life as a litigator working remotely. Part of the ROAR with Tiger Law podcast series.

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Introduction of No Fault Divorce

In England and Wales there is only one ground for divorce; that the marriage has irretrievably broken down. Under current law, in order to bring a petition for divorce to the Court, an applicant will need to cite one of five facts in order to ‘prove’ their conclusion that the marriage has irretrievably broken down: Unreasonable behaviour of the respondent Adultery (not available for civil partnership dissolution) Desertion for at least 2 years Separation for at least…

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Routes Into Law – Episode 3: Suzan Petrosian

Law - In this third episode of Routes Into Law, I met with Suzan Petrosian  Suzan is a Trainee Solicitor at Whitehead Monckton and is currently in the first seat of her training contract. Suzan and I met when we both worked as secretaries at Whitehead Monckton. Read on to learn more about her journey into law….. What is your current role? Trainee Solicitor. I’m currently halfway through my first seat in Corporate-Employment! What did you want to be…

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Child contact and domestic abuse

Domestic Abuse and Child Contact: What the law can do

Where there is history of domestic abuse, the law in relation to contact with children could be quite surprising to some. The Children Act 1989 sets out that there is a presumption of parental involvement. It will be presumed, unless shown to the contrary, that involvement of some kind, either direct or indirect, from each parent will be beneficial for the child. Contact will only be permitted if it does not pose a risk to the child. The type of order that…

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pensions on divorce

Pensions on Divorce

"Pensions on divorce" is about when marriages and civil partnerships break down, meaning that related financial and property matters must be dealt with. The financial remedy process ensures that the assets are distributed following divorce or dissolution. Usually the biggest asset of the marriage or civil partnership is the former family home. Quite often pensions come in at a close second. The Courts have extensive powers to deal with pensions by way of pension attachment orders or pension sharing orders. Pension attachment…

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Parental Responsibility (PR)

The Children Act of 1989 deals with the law in relation to children What is PR? s3(1) of the Children Act defines PR as “all the rights duties powers responsibilities and authority by law that a parent has in relation to a child and their property”. PR attempts to focus on the parent’s duties towards the child as opposed to their rights over the child. Who has it? When a child is born the mother automatically has PR. If the father is married to…

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UK Surrogacy Laws in the 21st Century – An Overview

Although surrogacy arrangements are common in the UK, they are not enforceable; it is therefore difficult if things go wrong. The laws on surrogacy are set out in the Surrogacy Arrangements Act 1985 and the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008. The arrangement of surrogacy is a process which involves a woman (the surrogate) carrying a child for a couple (the commissioning parents). There are two types of surrogacy arrangement and it is important that any agreement be entered into prior to…

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