Contracts and Covid-19

Contracts and Covid-19: What does it mean? Are contracts still binding under lockdown ? The ongoing epidemic has posed significant risks to businesses with disruptions in supply chains, cancellations of events and the closure of many services, but what does this mean for contracts that are in place? Is there a “get out of jail free card” to avoid obligations? Under English law contracts are, in principle, absolute. In general terms, any failure to perform an obligation under a contract…

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Partnership Agreements

Why do you need a partnership agreement? A partnership can be a much more attractive prospect than working alone and can be brought about over a pint at lunch and the shake of a hand, no paperwork needed. However, that does not mean that there are no strings attached… A partnership is not a separate legal entity like a limited company or limited liability partnership and partners generally have unlimited personal liability. For example, each partner will be jointly and…

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Shareholders Agreements

Shareholders’ Agreements are a safeguard and give protection to shareholders, because they set out the agreement between the shareholders that can be referred to in the event of a transfer, dispute, death, divorce or any other event. This is all the more important in private companies, particularly in family-owned businesses. The standard articles of association really don’t do a thorough enough job.

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Event and Premises licensing know-how

Event and Premises licencing know-how Getting ready to welcome the crowds! Licencing premises – all you need to know Most of us like a tipple and, for some of us, a journey in hospitality starts with a one-off event, bar, restaurant or pub – any of these are hard work and owners do it for the love of it. However, along with a passion for hospitality, you need a good head for paperwork. Whether you are holding a weekend event or planning…

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Dating your documents in 2020

—Dating your documents— —How to do it safely in 2020— I have already written the date with our sparkly new year a few times this month and, apart from it making me feel like time is flying all to quickly, it seems to me that it is all to easy to alter. We complete transactions by dating the documents so, for example, when we are selling shares or a house, it is the day of completion that is entered onto…

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Changing your Name: How not to have a legal identity crisis

Changing Your Name How not to have a legal identity crisis According to the UK Deed Poll Service, more and more people have been changing their name by Deed Poll - the practice has more than doubled in recent years. Changing your name is actually a fairly easy and inexpensive thing to do if you don't mind a bit of paperwork and are over 16 years of age. Let's have a look at the legalities. Reduce the hassle -…

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Conflict of Interest: A director’s duty to disclose

Conflict of Interest A director’s duty to disclose We’ve been hearing the term “Conflict of Interest” bandied about quite a bit lately, especially in some of the – erm – interesting news items coming from across the Pond. It’s a serious matter and not just for Presidents and their families, UK company directors are subject to some very strict regulations regarding how they manage their various roles and interests. These laws can apply to members of their immediate families too,…

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On the Money: Managing Legal Fees for Small Businesses

On the Money Managing Legal Fees for Small Businesses According to analysis of an extensive YouGov poll carried out by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), the UK’s SME’s are losing up to £13.6 BILLION every year due to failures in taking care of their legal matters. That’s a lot of money. So what’s going on? Tiger Law has some answers. Managing Legal Fees for Small Businesses The CEBR reports that UK business owners display reluctance to engage legal advice…

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Fair Shares: Shareholder Agreements for the Real World

Fair Shares Shareholder Agreements for the Real World At their best, as with all legal documents, Shareholders' Agreements are about creating successful business relationships based on clarity and understanding of each other's rights and responsibilities. As legal advisors, our role is to ensure that you have covered and provided for both typical and unexpected events that might alter or have an impact on your control of what is rightfully yours. The goal is to ensure that everyone involved is protected…

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Grand Exits: Succession Planning for Beginners

Grand Exits Succession Planning for Beginners What would happen to your business if you were no longer there to do what you do? If that’s a question that’s sitting on your backburner, or hasn’t even yet occurred to you, I’d like to encourage you to bring it to the boil – like right NOW. Think differently, think now For business owners, succession planning is not just about ensuring that your business is able to continue after you leave, it’s very much…

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