The Dotted Line: Contract Know-How for SME’s

The Dotted Line What you need to know about contracts and your business Contracts are the glue that binds all our business lives and activities together. In fact they are part of everyday life – we all enter into contractual agreements far more often than we think – every time we accept terms & conditions from another party or agree to provide a service to someone on or offline, we enter into a contract. Whether you are agreeing to supply…

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Forward Thinking on the Unthinkable: Everyone’s Guide to Lasting Power of Attorney

Lasting Power of Attorney What it is, why you need it and how to get it right. Need this in print? Download a pdf of Tiger Law's Guide to Lasting Power of Attorney We’ll start this by wishing you a long, happy and healthy life. But…may we be blunt? None of us is invincible and sometimes bad stuff happens when you least expect it. It happens to us and it happens to people we care about. It happens to…

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Introducing Tiger HR

Introducing Tiger HR The latest Tiger is live and trading! 2017 was a fantastically exciting year for us. In early spring we obtained authorisation from the SRA (Solicitor’s Regulation Authority) to operate Tiger Law as a law firm and shortly afterwards moved into our fabulous new offices in the village of Wye which give us more room and better facilities. But we haven’t stopped there. We have always offered HR & Employment Law services both at Tiger and through our sister…

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BREXIT, GDPR & YOUR BUSINESS Most of us will have heard of the GDPR but a lot of us won’t really understand what it is and why it’s important if we’re leaving the EU, whatever your views on that might be. As a current EU member, the GDPR will become binding without our parliament doing anything about it, so it’s going to be law while we’re still in the EU and we may want to encourage compliance with it after leaving…

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TOFT: How our tigers are doing!

TOFT: How our tigers are doing! Tiger Law is a proud sponsor of the TOFTigers Village Wildlife Guardians. We recently received some very welcome news about how the program is going. Everyone at Tiger Law was thrilled with our recent update from the TOFTigers Village Wildlife Guardians program which arrived in our inboxes from India recently. We became sponsors of the program when we launched Tiger Law early in 2017. We wanted a way to repay our wild namesakes for…

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“Taking Back Control” – A Guide to the UK’s Post-Brexit Immigration Options

“Taking Back Control” A Guide to the UK’s immigration options post-Brexit The decision to leave the EU was one of the biggest political shifts in the UK’s history. Undeniably, a big part of the Leave campaign was the notion of ‘taking back control’. It alludes to Britain making its own laws, forming its own trade deals and, of course, controlling its own borders and immigration. However, in the weeks and months following the vote, it became clear that ‘taking back…

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UK Immigration: Points & Tiers

UK Immigration Points & Tiers Leandra van Wijk, Tiger Law’s Immigration & Visa specialist, explains how the UK’s points-based immigration system works. Points-based immigration has been in place in the UK since 2008, when it was introduced by Gordon Brown’s Labour government. It currently applies to people outside the European Economic Area (EEA), but it’s something several politicians want to see extended to all potential immigrants when we leave the EU. So, how does it actually work? And would…

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Intestacy: What happens if you die without a will?

Intestacy What happens if you die without a will? Writing a will is a job that a lot of us put off. It’s a boring task, and there’s no rush, right? No-one likes to think about leaving their loved ones behind, let alone dividing prized possessions and hard-earned funds between them. You are not alone if you are putting it off – thousands of people die each year without having put their affairs in order. It’s natural to think that…

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