Guardianship – ensuring your children are placed with those you trust through your Will

Whilst watching the BBC’s latest underwater thriller ‘Vigil’ an important point raised its head, which would have been missed by many, or at most a tear would have been shed for the main character’s heartbreak.     In case you missed it (and this is not a spoiler alert), the main character lost her partner of many years, which was sad in itself, however, at that point she also lost the daughter she had raised and called her own.  The…

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The Role of Grandparents During Divorce

A relationship breakdown can be a really difficult time with lots to think about and deal with.  Grandparents can sometimes be forgotten about during this time.  The relationship breakdown can affect grandparents, and the wider family, in a number of ways and this blog aims to deal with some of the key points. Parents Grandparents can be a tricky issue for parents on divorce, dissolution or separation. Maybe your ex’s parents were very helpful when you were together, looking after…

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Applications for Child Arrangements Made Simpler

When you are embroiled in family proceedings, you will have most likely heard of a Section 8 Order or come across a C100 Form. Understanding the difference between the Orders or knowing how to complete the form can be daunting, especially when you read the words “Specific Issue Order, Prohibited Steps Order or a Child Arrangements Order.” However, once you understand which Order you require and any other forms that may need to be included with the application, as long as you take your time and have all the information you need, it is something you…

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Child contact and domestic abuse

Domestic Abuse and Child Contact: What the law can do

Where there is history of domestic abuse, the law in relation to contact with children could be quite surprising to some. The Children Act 1989 sets out that there is a presumption of parental involvement. It will be presumed, unless shown to the contrary, that involvement of some kind, either direct or indirect, from each parent will be beneficial for the child. Contact will only be permitted if it does not pose a risk to the child. The type of order that…

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Parental Responsibility (PR)

The Children Act of 1989 deals with the law in relation to children What is PR? s3(1) of the Children Act defines PR as “all the rights duties powers responsibilities and authority by law that a parent has in relation to a child and their property”. PR attempts to focus on the parent’s duties towards the child as opposed to their rights over the child. Who has it? When a child is born the mother automatically has PR. If the father is married to…

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Christmas As A Separated Parent – Pt. 3

This blog is the last in our series of top tips to manage Christmas as a separated parent. The other tips in our series can be found here. Christmas Presents Buying Christmas presents as a separated parent can be a minefield. What if the other parent buys the same present? What if you both assume the other will buy a particular present so the child doesn’t get something he or she wants? Well these are our top tips to help you navigate…

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How to manage Christmas As A Separated Parent Pt2

This blog continues our series of top tips to manage Christmas as a separated parent. The other tips in our series can be found here. Tip 2: Christmas concerts and other events Christmas is a busy time for children. Everything gets really exciting, with bright lights, tinsel and Christmas music everywhere they go. They might have nativity plays, Christmas concerts, carol services and other events to attend.  They might even get to go and see Santa and his reindeers! But as a…

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How to manage Christmas as a separated parent

Christmas can be a tricky time when you’re a separated parent.  Even if you’ve been separated for a while, issues can arise if you haven’t put in place arrangements that work within your own separated family dynamic. So how can you help make your festive season go more smoothly? This series of blogs will give you our top tips. Tip 1: When will the children be with you Consider early on what arrangements might work for you all. The children could split their time…

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Are You Being Denied Access To Your Child?

When parents separate, it is not uncommon for a dispute to arise over living and contact arrangements. Parents will be encouraged to deal with the issues between themselves for example with the assistance of a Mediator or through Lawyer negotiations. If, however one parent is actively denying the other parent reasonable contact, as a last resort, it is possible to make an application to Court under the Children Act 1989. The type of order that is required to deal with…

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