The Role of Grandparents During Divorce

A relationship breakdown can be a really difficult time with lots to think about and deal with.  Grandparents can sometimes be forgotten about during this time.  The relationship breakdown can affect grandparents, and the wider family, in a number of ways and this blog aims to deal with some of the key points. Parents Grandparents can be a tricky issue for parents on divorce, dissolution or separation. Maybe your ex’s parents were very helpful when you were together, looking after…

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Introduction of No Fault Divorce

In England and Wales there is only one ground for divorce; that the marriage has irretrievably broken down. Under current law, in order to bring a petition for divorce to the Court, an applicant will need to cite one of five facts in order to ‘prove’ their conclusion that the marriage has irretrievably broken down: Unreasonable behaviour of the respondent Adultery (not available for civil partnership dissolution) Desertion for at least 2 years Separation for at least…

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Can I divorce without a solicitor?

Can I divorce without a solicitor?

Many people wonder about whether or not they can divorce without a solicitor. So, do you need a solicitor for your divorce or can you do it yourself? The simple answer is that you don’t have to have a solicitor for your divorce.  It is perfectly possible to represent yourself if you choose, but it’s important to bear in mind that there are plenty of things that can crop up that might not be easy to deal with –…

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pensions on divorce

Pensions on Divorce

"Pensions on divorce" is about when marriages and civil partnerships break down, meaning that related financial and property matters must be dealt with. The financial remedy process ensures that the assets are distributed following divorce or dissolution. Usually the biggest asset of the marriage or civil partnership is the former family home. Quite often pensions come in at a close second. The Courts have extensive powers to deal with pensions by way of pension attachment orders or pension sharing orders. Pension attachment…

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Marriage and Civil Partnerships -v- Cohabitation – How do they differ in relation to the parties’ finances upon the breakdown of their relationship?

When parties enter a marriage or civil partnership they voluntarily decide to form a union; they intentionally enter a contract with the knowledge that it gives rise to obligations. Parties who enter a cohabiting relationship enter no such contract or voluntary union. Cohabitation is viewed quite differently to marriage, particularly in the eyes of the law. The phrase “common law marriage” is a very big misconception and does not exist regardless of how long a couple have been together. Upon breakdown of…

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Divorce Reform – Third time lucky?

The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 has been designed to simplify and amend the existing outdated divorce laws in England and Wales. The Bill received the Royal Assent on 25th June 2020 and is now an Act of Parliament. It has been a long wait for many to see the Bill finally being passed and the fault element being removed from the divorce process. The Bill was introduced in June 2019 but due to the fiasco surrounding the prorogued parliament…

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