Gifts and Tax Planning

The economic downturn caused by the pandemic has certain advantages that you may wish to consider now. Are you thinking about assisting a family member who has lost their job and is currently experiencing financial difficulty? Gifting money to family members would not give rise to Capital Gains Tax (‘CGT’), but it may assist your Inheritance Tax (‘IHT’) position. Each of us is given a threshold of £325,000 (known as the nil rate band) whereby our estate has no IHT liability. Any gifts…

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How to manage Christmas as a separated parent

Christmas can be a tricky time when you’re a separated parent.  Even if you’ve been separated for a while, issues can arise if you haven’t put in place arrangements that work within your own separated family dynamic. So how can you help make your festive season go more smoothly? This series of blogs will give you our top tips. Tip 1: When will the children be with you Consider early on what arrangements might work for you all. The children could split their time…

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UK Surrogacy Laws in the 21st Century – An Overview

Although surrogacy arrangements are common in the UK, they are not enforceable; it is therefore difficult if things go wrong. The laws on surrogacy are set out in the Surrogacy Arrangements Act 1985 and the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008. The arrangement of surrogacy is a process which involves a woman (the surrogate) carrying a child for a couple (the commissioning parents). There are two types of surrogacy arrangement and it is important that any agreement be entered into prior to…

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Marriage and Civil Partnerships -v- Cohabitation – How do they differ in relation to the parties’ finances upon the breakdown of their relationship?

When parties enter a marriage or civil partnership they voluntarily decide to form a union; they intentionally enter a contract with the knowledge that it gives rise to obligations. Parties who enter a cohabiting relationship enter no such contract or voluntary union. Cohabitation is viewed quite differently to marriage, particularly in the eyes of the law. The phrase “common law marriage” is a very big misconception and does not exist regardless of how long a couple have been together. Upon breakdown of…

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Are You Being Denied Access To Your Child?

When parents separate, it is not uncommon for a dispute to arise over living and contact arrangements. Parents will be encouraged to deal with the issues between themselves for example with the assistance of a Mediator or through Lawyer negotiations. If, however one parent is actively denying the other parent reasonable contact, as a last resort, it is possible to make an application to Court under the Children Act 1989. The type of order that is required to deal with…

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The Importance Of Taking Stock Of Your Digital Assets

When people envisage what the term ‘digital asset’ actually means, they are likely to imagine crypto-currency and feel that it is not something that they personally need to consider when planning their Will.  However, the term covers a vast array of ‘assets’ that many people now own and would not even consider an asset, as it is not something that is tangible. When planning your will, you must reach past all that is tangible and that can be physically…

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Maternity, COVID-19 and failed policies

It's hard to get one's head round .GOV's policy on the father's participation and attendance to scans, let alone birth itself. Other than the obvious and immediate adversity caused to both partners, the list of possible direct and indirect ramifications are as long as my arm – some of which I have paraphrased non-scientifically below. Physical, psychological and emotional issues for both the mother and baby’s health without the partner’s support during both pregnancy and birth Psychological and emotional issues for…

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Divorce Reform – Third time lucky?

The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 has been designed to simplify and amend the existing outdated divorce laws in England and Wales. The Bill received the Royal Assent on 25th June 2020 and is now an Act of Parliament. It has been a long wait for many to see the Bill finally being passed and the fault element being removed from the divorce process. The Bill was introduced in June 2019 but due to the fiasco surrounding the prorogued parliament…

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