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Freedom From Ground Rent Obligations

Future home buyers will be free from ground rent obligations from 30 June 2022, when the government’s ban on charging ground rent on leases comes into force. From 30 June 2022, ground rent will be banned on most new residential leases from 30 June 2022, which should put an end to the expensive and unregulated cost of ground rent that has been borne by homeowners for so long. This new legislation forms part of the governments reform package that will…

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Leasehold Reform Bill: clause for existing properties rejected by MPs.

Leasehold Reform Bill: clause for existing properties rejected by MPs. It is a real shame that the leasehold reform bill is not taking into consideration those ‘homeowners’ who are currently trapped in a system that allows uncapped ground rent to be charged by freeholders on homes which they are supposed to ‘own’. The existence of the bill suggests that there is an issue, and it is only purporting to fix half the problem. Could it be that the British government…

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Land Registry Fee Increase

HM Land Registry fees for first registration and the registration of transfers, leases, mortgages of property will increase. This will affect both scale 1 and scale 2 fees.   For all electronic applications, the fee will be increased by 11% - most applications are done this way. As it saves time and money for both clients and conveyancers.   For applications done by post, the fee will be increased by 21%.   These changes are coming into force on 31st January 2022.   It is imperative that all…

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Leasehold system

Leasehold system news: Is it all ‘Home Sweet Home’?

"leasehold system" is something you will likely have heard of ff you own your own home by way of a mortgage or outright. A leasehold agreement allows you to own your home but not the land it sits on. Instead, this land belongs to a freeholder. Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick has announced that the leasehold system of property ownership is to be shaken up. Leasehold ground rents are to be banned, and leaseholders can extend their lease for up to 990…

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Landlords and Pets

Landlords and Pets: Understanding the implications

Towards the end of January 2021, the Government announced that landlords will no longer be able to place a blanket ban on tenants having pets at the property.  Housing Minister Hon Christopher Pincher MP announce a new Model Tenancy Agreement gives consent to tenants to have pets, and any objections by the landlord will have to be given in writing within 28 days and must provide good reason as to why pets must be banned.  Approximately 93% of rental properties…

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Litigation Against Tenants

The rules of litigation against tenants has had a number of changes the last year which have made substantial changes to the ways in which residential and commercial landlords are able to remove a tenant from their property. • Residential proceedings At the end of August 2020, the Government introduced further changes restricting the termination for residential leases under the Coronavirus Act 2020. These restrictions are in place until 31 March 2021. Here are a brief outline in regards to various residential tenancies: •…

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Difficult choices facing business owners, tenants and landlords

This week was a big one for the commercial property market in the UK. Many commercial landlords routinely collected their quarterly rent. However, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, many tenants were unable to pay any or all of the rent owed. Big corporate tenants have been able to dictate favourable terms in renegotiations, often bringing rents down considerably, rather than suspending rents. These heavyweight tenants, while losing millions through declining revenue, are seemingly protected in some instances due…

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Moving house in lockdown

Buying and selling houses during lockdown: to move or not to move? We’ve seen a lot of articles and blogs on this topic and thought we’d offer a bit more detail. Covid-19 and the current lockdown situation has of course caused concern for everyone, but what if you are due to move house? What are the implications of the lockdown: should you exchange contracts if you haven’t yet, what happens if you have exchanged but don’t want to move during…

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