Tiger Law Supporting DIDA Sports Organisation

Tiger Law is proud to have teamed up with DIDA Sports Organisation. DIDA is a community interest company (CIC) based between London and Budaka District in the region of Eastern Uganda. DIDA (Develop, Inspire, Discipline, Achieve) is an initiative whose goal is to holistically develop Ugandan, and eventually East African youth from the young ages of 6 years all the way to 18 years and beyond through facilitating the development of sports training facilities. Tiger Law are also passionate about female empowerment…

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The Inspirational Women in Law Awards

Following her nomination as Solicitor of the Year, our Founder and Principal, Vanessa, made it to the finalist stage for the Champion of the Year category.  The Inspirational Women in Law Awards by  First 100 Years “seek to identify and celebrate the trailblazers from across the legal profession who are making it a more diverse and equal place”.⠀ Congratulations Vanessa!

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Settlement in a civil dispute

Settlement in civil disputes

Let's look at the benefits and things you should know about settlement in civil disputes. Introduction  Here at Tiger Law, we deal with a wide range of disputes in our civil litigation department. Settlement is a topic that always comes up, and understandably, our clients often think that accepting or even approaching settlement in civil disputes will make the other side think that they are admitting something. Here, we look at why this is not the case. The coward’s way…

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Bullying In The Workplace Is Real

This week is anti-bullying week, something I find very important.  Having three children, I am often taken back to the days at school where I was relentlessly bullied for years at primary, and despite a school move, my bully reappeared and attempted the same moves she had done before.  Although this time I had built up new friendships, I was determined not to let her ruin my new found happiness and friendships.  I responded to the abusive comments, instead of…

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There’s Nothing Clean About Money Laundering!

Global lenders have recently come under fire for their lack of anti-money laundering efforts, with the news that more than $2 trillion has been transferred in suspected funds within the last two decades. Money laundering is the act of hiding money that has been obtained illegally and passing it through various and often complex system of bank accounts and transactions, so that it become ‘clean’. Often laundered money originates from criminal activity, allowing criminals to fund and further their operations. …

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Bounce Back Loans – What are they for and are you sticking to the rules?

There has been some media coverage recently about “fraudsters” applying for the Government’s Bounce Back Loans, and using the funds to buy supercars or property. Supercar dealers have said that their business is booming since the Bounce Back Loans have been paid out. Of course, the rates of interest are making this cheaper than the usual finance agreements, but while we would all love the means to buy a Ferrari, are these people doing anything wrong? We have also…

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Abstract of title A traditional method of deducing title used in unregistered conveyancing. Although rarely used now in practice, an abstract will summarise all dealings with the property interest, beginning with the root of title. It will also mention whether documents have been stamped and executed, although it is up to the person investigating title to check that the stamping is sufficient and the execution appropriate. Accelerated receipt A percentage reduction in the amount of compensation paid…

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Can I make a will during Lockdown

With the current Covid-19 situation, understandably more and more people are thinking proactively about getting their affairs in order, and perhaps making a will is one of those things that once was something to think about in the future, but is now becoming a “must do”. However, there are strict guidelines and rules about the creation and execution of a will, so is this possible during lockdown? Usually, if a solicitor is preparing your will, they would prefer to see…

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Moving house in lockdown

Buying and selling houses during lockdown: to move or not to move? We’ve seen a lot of articles and blogs on this topic and thought we’d offer a bit more detail. Covid-19 and the current lockdown situation has of course caused concern for everyone, but what if you are due to move house? What are the implications of the lockdown: should you exchange contracts if you haven’t yet, what happens if you have exchanged but don’t want to move during lockdown,…

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