Legal Fundamentals to Starting a Business

Starting a new business can be a minefield! From coming up with a niche idea, getting funding, incorporating the business, attracting customers and hiring staff, there is a never ending list of things that need to be done. It’s no wonder they say an entrepreneur's day is 24 hours! As an entrepreneur, your business is your baby, you’ve grown and developed it and naturally want it to succeed long term. That’s why we have prepared a list of some essentials for…

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Lasting Powers of Attorney – The importance of understanding your role.

An LPA is a legal document that enables an individual (known as a Donor) to appoint a trusted person or people (known as Attorneys) to manage their affairs and make decisions on their behalf in the event that they lose mental capacity.   There are two types of LPA:    A Property and Finance LPA; and    A Health and Welfare LPA.   If you are asked to be an attorney for someone, it is…

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Decision Making within a Company

The decisions made within a Company are either the Directors’ responsibility or fall on the shareholders. Whilst quite often, a shareholder will also be a director (and vice versa), it is important to keep the decisions to be made separate. The shareholders make decisions as owners, and the directors make decisions as the managers of the company. When setting up a company, it is often the case that the initial members (shareholders) and directors are friendly and anticipate no issues with…

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Taking the positive out of lockdown

Taking the positive out of lockdown - health check your business and upgrade your legals!   While we are all hopefully staying healthy and safe, this is also a time to refocus on business and protect what we’ve worked so hard to build. Contracts and breaches of contract due to lockdown? We’ve blogged here about the most frequently asked questions around performing or not performing obligations under a contract, namely “force majeure” and how on earth does it work in…

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Event and Premises licensing know-how

Event and Premises licencing know-how Getting ready to welcome the crowds! Licencing premises – all you need to know Most of us like a tipple and, for some of us, a journey in hospitality starts with a one-off event, bar, restaurant or pub – any of these are hard work and owners do it for the love of it. However, along with a passion for hospitality, you need a good head for paperwork. Whether you are holding a weekend event or planning…

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Changing your Name: How not to have a legal identity crisis

Changing Your Name How not to have a legal identity crisis According to the UK Deed Poll Service, more and more people have been changing their name by Deed Poll - the practice has more than doubled in recent years. Changing your name is actually a fairly easy and inexpensive thing to do if you don't mind a bit of paperwork and are over 16 years of age. Let's have a look at the legalities. Reduce the hassle -…

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“Taking Back Control” – A Guide to the UK’s Post-Brexit Immigration Options

“Taking Back Control” A Guide to the UK’s immigration options post-Brexit The decision to leave the EU was one of the biggest political shifts in the UK’s history. Undeniably, a big part of the Leave campaign was the notion of ‘taking back control’. It alludes to Britain making its own laws, forming its own trade deals and, of course, controlling its own borders and immigration. However, in the weeks and months following the vote, it became clear that ‘taking back…

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UK Immigration: Points & Tiers

UK Immigration Points & Tiers Leandra van Wijk, Tiger Law’s Immigration & Visa specialist, explains how the UK’s points-based immigration system works. Points-based immigration has been in place in the UK since 2008, when it was introduced by Gordon Brown’s Labour government. It currently applies to people outside the European Economic Area (EEA), but it’s something several politicians want to see extended to all potential immigrants when we leave the EU. So, how does it actually work? And would…

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