Without Prejudice – cutting through the legal jargon

“Without prejudice” is a term we lawyers use, especially when discussing settlement proposals. But what does this really mean, and why is it used? Why is this sometimes accompanied by the words “subject to costs” and “subject to contract”?   What does without prejudice mean?   Without prejudice is defined as: “without detriment to any existing right or claim”.   Therefore, if there is a claim in existence, any correspondence that is said to be without prejudice would be inadmissible in Court and cannot be made…

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Litigation Against Tenants

The rules of litigation against tenants has had a number of changes the last year which have made substantial changes to the ways in which residential and commercial landlords are able to remove a tenant from their property. • Residential proceedings At the end of August 2020, the Government introduced further changes restricting the termination for residential leases under the Coronavirus Act 2020. These restrictions are in place until 31 March 2021. Here are a brief outline in regards to various residential tenancies: •…

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Title: Winding up a company in debt: the death knell for a debtor?

At Tiger Law, w e have successfully wound up companies and , on the other side of the coin, we  have also successfully  blocked  people trying to wind up our clients  and saved them  from aggressive creditors .    We have seen many clients  considering starting insolvency proceedings against a debtor  themselves   or  either threatened with insolvency proceedings .  Whichever side of the proceedings you fall on,  once the winding up process is embarked upon,  it can be a…

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Property worries during Covid-19 lockdown

If you are a commercial landlord or tenant, what does the Coronavirus Act 2020 mean for you ?   BREAKING NEWS!! Matters are moving so quickly that since preparing this article on 31 March 2020, the following update needed to be added ! Working in retail, hospitality or leisure business? Two reliefs are available for businesses in these sectors: A holiday from business rates for the 2020-2021 tax year. Cash grants up to £25,000 may be given to businesses in…

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Taking the positive out of lockdown

Taking the positive out of lockdown - health check your business and upgrade your legals!   While we are all hopefully staying healthy and safe, this is also a time to refocus on business and protect what we’ve worked so hard to build. Contracts and breaches of contract due to lockdown? We’ve blogged here about the most frequently asked questions around performing or not performing obligations under a contract, namely “force majeure” and how on earth does it work in…

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Moving house in lockdown

Buying and selling houses during lockdown: to move or not to move? We’ve seen a lot of articles and blogs on this topic and thought we’d offer a bit more detail. Covid-19 and the current lockdown situation has of course caused concern for everyone, but what if you are due to move house? What are the implications of the lockdown: should you exchange contracts if you haven’t yet, what happens if you have exchanged but don’t want to move during…

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Event and Premises licensing know-how

Event and Premises licencing know-how Getting ready to welcome the crowds! Licencing premises – all you need to know Most of us like a tipple and, for some of us, a journey in hospitality starts with a one-off event, bar, restaurant or pub – any of these are hard work and owners do it for the love of it. However, along with a passion for hospitality, you need a good head for paperwork. Whether you are holding a weekend event or planning…

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Changing your Name: How not to have a legal identity crisis

Changing Your Name How not to have a legal identity crisis According to the UK Deed Poll Service, more and more people have been changing their name by Deed Poll - the practice has more than doubled in recent years. Changing your name is actually a fairly easy and inexpensive thing to do if you don't mind a bit of paperwork and are over 16 years of age. Let's have a look at the legalities. Reduce the hassle -…

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