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Commercial Property

A natural part of any business that is growing, changing or downsizing is dealing with property. We help clients take on new leases, grant leases to their tenants, manage their portfolios, and buy or sell freehold property.


Whether you are buying, renting, investing or selling, property is always a daunting commitment and the paperwork can feel mountainous. Tiger can take on the donkey work, secure your rights and protect your interests while you get on with running your business.


Commercial Services


We offer a wide variety of services for our business clients, helping our start up clients take their first baby steps into the world of commerce all the way through to MBOs, mergers and acquisitions and succession planning. We can offer expert advice on the following because one size does not fit all:
• Articles of association
• Shareholders agreements
• Share purchase agreements
• Asset purchase agreements
• “soft” acquisitions such as MBOs
• Joint ventures and investments into your company
Growth is an exciting phase for any business but you must protect your interests, including your intellectual property and long term plans with the right paperwork.


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