Dating your documents in 2020

—Dating your documents—

—How to do it safely in 2020—

I have already written the date with our sparkly new year a few times this month and, apart from it making me feel like time is flying all to quickly, it seems to me that it is all to easy to alter.

We complete transactions by dating the documents so, for example, when we are selling shares or a house, it is the day of completion that is entered onto the face of the documents that is important, rather than the date of signing which could be well in advance.  There may be two or three places in each document that the date is entered into, on the front page, at the top of the first page and maybe even a few places within the text.

If we enter dates without writing the year out in full, it seems all to easy to alter them. By this, I mean if we write 8 January 20, or 8.1.20 then it is all to easy to pop two extra digits on and make the document appear to have been completed on a previous date, so 8 January becomes 2017 or 8.1.20 becomes 8.1.2017.

My advice here would be to use the full year in all circumstances, just to be on the safe so, so it’s 2020 all the way !

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