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If you are looking to come to the United Kingdom for business, employment or education you’ll know that this is a complex process and it’s all too easy for things to go wrong. With shifts in legislation that affect immigration and visa applications occurring all the time, it’s seldom been more important to start with expert advice.

Tiger Law provides a personal and caring service for individuals, families and sponsoring employers through every stage. We help you settle upon the route that has the best chance of success and guide and assist you through all the form filling and submission of documents. Our fixed fee service packages work just as well whether you are already here in Britain or still on the other side of the world.


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Employment Law & HR


Employment law is one thing, dealing with your HR is another and we do both. We don’t offer highly legalistic opinions on your options or leave you struggling with compliance. We’re here to take the headache away, deal with crises and ward off problems.


Unlike a lot of traditional law firms, we are flexible, commercial, transparent with our fees and working for your best interests rather than our bottom line. We know that we’re a grudge purchase and we know we’re just a service provider, so we take care to make it worth it for you every step of the way.If circumstances require, we can advise you on the form and content of settlement agreements and ensure that you’re protected going forward.


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