Introducing Tiger HR

Introducing Tiger HR

The latest Tiger is live and trading!

2017 was a fantastically exciting year for us. In early spring we obtained authorisation from the SRA (Solicitor’s Regulation Authority) to operate Tiger Law as a law firm and shortly afterwards moved into our fabulous new offices in the village of Wye which give us more room and better facilities.

But we haven’t stopped there. We have always offered HR & Employment Law services both at Tiger and through our sister company, In House Legals. It’s central to what we do and we feel very strongly that it is a service that many businesses either overlook, underestimate and have difficulty affording the time and money for. 

We know that it is a lack of awareness of these issues that have cost our clients so much money and stress, or even landed them in front of a tribunal, is so often based on bad – or simply unaffordable – HR support and advice. We aim to change that.

Two Tigers working for you

We are proud and excited therefore to announce the launch of our brand new dedicated HR Consultancy, Tiger HR.

Until recently, IHL provided a range of HR Support and Compliance services for employers in a similar way to the legal services. Because this area has developed so well under the great management of our Lead HR Consultant, Seb Mattern, we’ve reached the point where we want to provide a more distinct focus on HR for SME’s.

Tiger HR provides that focus and enables us to deliver a comprehensive range of affordable, flexible HR support and compliance services that are perfectly pitched to help start ups and developing businesses through every stage of their growth as employers.

More plans are afoot!

So now there are two Tigers working in tandem, as well as our legal services firm, In House Legals, how does it all fit together? Very well in fact!

For a start, as a fully authorised firm of solicitors, Tiger Law is able to provide oversight for both companies and be available when required to step in to help clients with reserved matters all the way to litigation. But when you don’t need fully qualified legal advice or representation but do need professional support and reliable help with routine matters, Tiger HR and IHL can fulfil your requirements.

And we are going even further in our mission to provide your business with everything you need to operate securely and legally without busting the bank on traditional law firm fees.

Breaking News!

Later in 2018, In House Legals will undergo a transformation and re-emerge under a new identity as Tiger to Go. The new firm will provide all the services it does now and add on some new ones but in a new, easy-to-access package format.
The goal is to create a triad of tiered services that cover all your needs as a growing business organised in such a way that you are never required to commit to more than you really need but can still have it all when circumstances demand.

What stays the same

As passionate entrepreneurs, we will always change and grow. But some things never change. Our ethos as a team and as a business (or 3 businesses!) is firmly based on our belief in great service and building sound relationships with our clients. 

We want to understand both you and your business and never forget that you, personally, have a vision, ambitions and a life that it all fits into.

Whether you are dealing with the highs or the lows of your entrepreneurial adventure, we want you to know you have The Tigers on your side. We’re here and ready to listen, to explain, to advise and support – and to create solutions that make plain sense in the context of you in your role as a business leader and employer.

Watch this space

Of course we can’t wait to update you. Tiger HR is already on its way, taking in new clients.  Tiger to Go is well into its planning phase and work on the website has just begun. Follow us on social media for more announcements, plus ongoing articles and posts on all matters law and HR.

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Vanessa is Tiger Law's founder and Principal. A graduate of the University of Reading and the College of Law, Guildford (BA Hons LLDip), Vanessa has an extensive track record as a highly skilled litigator and contracts specialist. As an SME entrepreneur herself, she has a depth of insight into her clients’ business challenges and the potential legal problems they might unwittingly fall victim to in their quest to grow a sustainable and successful business.

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