Towards the end of January 2021, the Government announced that landlords will no longer be able to place a blanket ban on tenants having pets at the property. 

Housing Minister Hon Christopher Pincher MP announce a new Model Tenancy Agreement gives consent to tenants to have pets, and any objections by the landlord will have to be given in writing within 28 days and must provide good reason as to why pets must be banned. 

Approximately 93% of rental properties do not allow pets and the recent lockdown has highlighted the issues.  At a time when people were already suffering financially and mentally, there were tales of tenants having to give up much loved pets due to landlord restrictions or being denied adding a pet to their family.  

The new Model Tenancy Agreement will only allow landlords to reject pets for good reasons, such as where the property is unsuitable or impractical.  

Where this may worry some landlords due to potential damage, the agreement does ensure that tenants will continue to have a legal duty to repair or cover the cost of any damage to the property. 

Many of us at Tiger Law have our own pets and cannot imagine having to be separated from them due to a landlord’s ban.  However, we also understand that as a landlord you want to guarantee your property is protected from badly behaved pets.  

Whichever side you are on, if you are having difficulties with your rental property, let us know and we can ensure your rights are protected.


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