Your Final Responsibility

It’s fair to say that writing a Will is not high on anyone’s list of enjoyable activities! We all have a tendency to put things off and writing a will features on a lot of people’s neglected To-Do List – you know the one you find yourself promising to do something about at 3 in the morning but somehow forget about as weeks, months and even years go by.

If you are hard at work building up a valuable business to look after you and your loved ones, you want to ensure that your efforts will secure a quality of life for you and your family that repays your efforts. And the longer you have are in business, the more important it is that you have cast-iron arrangements in place so that if anything happens to you everything is clear, legally sound and easy to deal with for those you leave behind.

Tiger Law Wills Service

Tiger Law have a great deal of experience in helping business owners make sure that their personal planning solutions are well-synched with their business. But we know that one of the biggest challenges you face right now – as opposed to at some (hopefully long distant!) date in the future – is finding the time to get anything done that does not directly affect the business currently.

Writing your will can seem to be a complex, time consuming and somewhat depressing task so it’s not surprising that people put it off, especially when they feel as if their personal circumstances are far from ‘standard issue’.

Past relationships, children, property and investments all seem to add to the pile of decisions to be made, documents to be found, and depressing scenarios to contemplate. And of course, if you own a business, let alone more than one, there is a whole slew of extra considerations to take into account. No-one can make your decisions for you – BUT – we can advise and support you. Our Wills Service is attentive, friendly and personal. You can rely on our expert attention to detail. And thanks to our innovative Will Form, we can also help you get through the practical tasks with a minimum of stress.

Make your Will with Tiger Law’s Custom Will Form

Our Will Form is designed to help you systematically assemble all the information you need to compile your will. It is intended simply as a convenient, time saving aid to collect together all the relevant information that is required to draw up your will.

It is not in itself a legal document and will not automatically generate your will.

Our will-writing service is personal and conducted by a qualified professional who will help and advise you at every stage and be ready to explain each part fully and answer any and all of your questions.

You will not sign any legal document until both you and we are happy that everything is fully understood and that your will reflects your precise wishes and instructions.

Our form takes you through all the key elements that need to be completed in order to draft your will. In broad terms this covers:

  • Who you and your partner (if you have one) are
  • Where you live
  • Who is going to administer your will as your executor
  • What you own
  • Your Business(es)
  • Who and what you have responsibilities for (including yourself in case you become incapacitated
  • What you are leaving to whom

Your privacy and the security of the information that you provide to us using our Wills Form is very important to us. Please read about the measures we have taken to protect you:
Your Privacy

It’s not called “Putting your house in order” for nothing!  Before you get down to the job it’s a good idea to locate all the information you are likely to need. You won’t need to submit actual documents but you will probably need to access information from the following if they apply to you:

  • Land and Property assets
  • Mortgages
  • Bank Accounts
  • Credit Cards
  • Investments
  • Tenancy agreements
  • Insurances
  • Pension plans
  • A list of personal possessions
  • Full details of beneficiaries

So let’s do it.

Coffee, music, GO…


The Rules of Intestacy

Do you know how the law will treat your estate if you have not written a will? You might be past caring at the time but your loved ones could inherit a whole barrel of hassle! Read our guide to the Rules of Intestacy and make sure you don’t end up leaving everything you own to the Crown!