Taking advantage of a person’s vulnerability is never seen as a good thing or an attribute to be admired, however there are those in the legal industry perpetuating the stereotype that they are out to gain an advantage through another’s suffering.


One does not expect to visit a solicitor’s office, following the death of a loved one to collect the Will,  to find marketing material included with their documents.  This is what happened to one our clients recently, and here at Tiger Law we are outraged on their behalf.

Hidden amongst the papers was a simply typed form that stated:



When a loved one passes, the last thought to many, is the advantages they will receive, they are often in a process of grief and in a vulnerable position.  Including a crude form, with what is a vaguely worded marketing consent form is rather underhand, especially using the word advantages.


For a business to acquire consent to provide marketing materials, they must clearly state their request to do so.  In asking if you would like information, this request is not being clear, especially that this information is in fact chargeable legal advice.  This not only potentially breaches the code of conduct solicitors are required to follow, but data protection rules and quite frankly, adds to the reputation that solicitors are there to prey on people’s vulnerability.


At Tiger Law we do not look to exploit our clients, especially at points in their lives where they are grieving the loss of a loved one.  We aim to support our clients and listen to their needs as and when they require us, providing a service where they feel safe and listened to. In doing so, we would hope our clients would feel we were worth being recommended to others. Client care and a good reputation is more valuable than a sterile tick form.


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