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We act for landlords and tenants so we work on large commercial leases all the way through to licences to occupy, taking care of the stamp duty land tax or “SDLT” and Land Registry requirements for you.
We also deal with dilapidations and work closely with surveyors for our clients, whether they are facing a tenant on the run or we are acting for the tenant who is facing an unfair demand to reinstate a property.
We buy and sell commercial units on developments, one-off commercial properties, agricultural properties and even the odd lake or two!

One way of utilising your pension funds is to purchase a free-of-mortgage commercial unit and lease it out, in fact, your pension scheme might even be able to purchase the office you work out of ad lease it back to your business so that your pension and tax profiles are working hard for you. 
While we don’t offer tax advice, we do work with accountants and IFAs and put the property structures in place hand in hand with them.
We also undertake development work for our property developers, so this involves acquiring parcels of land, dealing with the title and selling off-plan, we prepare sellers packs and deal with your buyers and set up management companies for common areas.  Our corporate and property expertise allows us to offer a package for developers that takes away the headache of the paperwork.

These days, there is a new breed of property investor who is looking to supplement or replace their employed income and often this involves inviting third parties to invest in property ‘with’ them so that their funding is self-raised. We assist with the agreements and check FCA regulations to ensure a safe trading practice – this is particularly important given how many snake oil salesmen there are in the property game.

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    Are you looking to take on a new Commercial Property Lease?

    It is an exciting time for any business when looking at leasing a commercial property. Taking on a commercial lease is an important commitment and is not something to be taken lightly. Overlooking matters or rushing to sign the lease in order to get the keys released quickly without carrying out proper due diligence can prove costly. Some key points to consider when considering entering into a new lease:   Term A question often asked is “How long shall I

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    House on a keychain

    Lease or Licence, why does it matter?

    By Ghazala Mahmood     Occupiers of commercial properties need to know the legal basis of their occupation. Often the basis of occupation is made pursuant to a Lease or a Licence. There are many crucial differences between a Lease and a Licence and if you are not sure of the status of your occupation, you will not be sure of your rights or obligations.      What is a lease?   A commercial lease is a legally binding agreement between a tenant

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    Returning to the Office: The New(er) Normal?

    It has been just over a year now since the end of lockdown, though it may sometimes feel much longer. Returning to work in the office is still somewhat of a hot topic, as a result, with companies and organisations working towards bringing their employees back in.  There is an obligation to return to the office where an employer requires you to do so, and your normal workplace is the office, but there is a duty of care owed by

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    Cohabitation agreement

    Land Registry Fee Increase

    HM Land Registry fees for first registration and the registration of transfers, leases, mortgages of property will increase. This will affect both scale 1 and scale 2 fees.   For all electronic applications, the fee will be increased by 11% – most applications are done this way. As it saves time and money for both clients and conveyancers.   For applications done by post, the fee will be increased by 21%.   These changes are coming into force on 31st

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    The Section 26 Notice and what this means for commercial landlords and tenants

    Here we look at the tenant’s section 26 request for a new lease. Before reading on, it is worth checking to make sure that your lease is not excluded from this applying, and that your lease is a tenancy as defined by the 1954 Act (the “Act”). Landlords often exclude leases so that tenants don’t have as much protection. We’ll look at tenancies a little later.   The Section 26 request As long as the tenancy does not exclude the

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    The Section 25 Notice and What This Means for Commercial Landlords and Tenants

    Here we look at Landlord’s section 25 notice to terminate a commercial lease. Before reading on, it is worth checking to make sure that your lease is not excluded from this applying, and that your lease is a tenancy as defined by the 1954 Act (the “Act”). Landlords often exclude leases from these provisions so that tenants don’t have as much protection. We’ll look at tenancies a little later.   The Section 25 notice   If a landlord wishes to

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