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One way of growing a business is to put it in a box for other people to make it their own, and for a franchisee, it’s an oven-ready business to get on with. To grant a franchise and allow someone else to come and operate the way you do takes a great deal of preparation but if you front-load the work and get it right, you will have a winning formula on your hands!

As a potential franchisor, you will need to create your manual or ‘bible’ which sets out the precise methodology you want all your franchisees to follow and a franchise agreement that details what intellectual property and other items your franchisees will be paying you for together with their obligations around protecting your business, paying you, any performance requirements and so on.

This is a lot of hard work but the idea here is that you get to watch your franchisees grow your business for you.

As a potential franchisee, you will need to pay a great deal of attention to the franchise agreement to ensure that you can not only fund ‘getting in’ but that you can operate in accordance with it and flourish. Franchise agreements tend to be lengthy and can be pretty onerous because you are being trusted with someone else’s baby.

You also need to think about the right fit for your personality: a franchise is somewhere in between being employed and stepping out into the wide world creating your own business from scratch – you are not free to run things how you want but, on the other hand, you will have a great deal of support. That you’re paying for.

With the right fit, a franchise works fantastically well for everyone but we would always suggest a fully advised service for both parties because there are just too many potential pitfalls.


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    The Section 26 Notice and what this means for commercial landlords and tenants

    Here we look at the tenant’s section 26 request for a new lease. Before reading on, it is worth checking to make sure that your lease is not excluded from this applying, and that your lease is a tenancy as defined by the 1954 Act (the “Act”). Landlords often exclude leases so that tenants don’t have as much protection. We’ll look at tenancies a little later.   The Section 26 request As long as the tenancy does not exclude the

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    Why you should have a Shareholders’ Agreement

    A Shareholders’ Agreement is an arrangement amongst a company’s shareholders describing how the company should be operated and the shareholders’ rights and obligations. It includes information on the regulation of the shareholders’ relationship with each other, the management of the company, ownership and transfer of company shares and the obligations and protections of shareholders. A properly drafted Shareholders’ Agreement should ensure that all shareholders are treated fairly and that their rights are protected.    When a new company is first

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    Winding up a company in debt: the death knell for a debtor?

    At Tiger Law, we have successfully wound up companies and, on the other side of the coin, we have also successfully blocked people trying to wind up our clients and saved them from aggressive creditors.   We have seen many clients considering starting insolvency proceedings against a debtor themselves or either threatened with insolvency proceedings. Whichever side of the proceedings you fall on, once the winding up process is embarked upon, it can be a very lengthy exercise – and expensive if you get it wrong.   Generally, due to the seriousness of Company insolvency and winding

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    Decision Making within a Company

    The decisions made within a Company are either the Directors’ responsibility or fall on the shareholders. Whilst quite often, a shareholder will also be a director (and vice versa), it is important to keep the decisions to be made separate. The shareholders make decisions as owners, and the directors make decisions as the managers of the company. When setting up a company, it is often the case that the initial members (shareholders) and directors are friendly and anticipate no issues

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    Conflict of Interest: A director’s duty to disclose

    Conflict of Interest A director’s duty to disclose We’ve been hearing the term “Conflict of Interest” bandied about quite a bit lately, especially in some of the – erm – interesting news items coming from across the Pond. It’s a serious matter and not just for Presidents and their families, UK company directors are subject to some very strict regulations regarding how they manage their various roles and interests. These laws can apply to members of their immediate families too,

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