Most people don’t want to work forever, although some of us do! But however much you love what you do, you need to plan for what comes after. We regularly work with business owners to ensure that their personal plans tally up with their business plans, so that their shares end up going in the right direction and the next generation is catered for.

Lots of our clients have worked long and hard and provided the best for their children and are really concerned about how to achieve a fair outcome, often with some of the kids working in the business, some having been bought properties and some not.  We can work with your accountant and plan how to deal with your shares and properties in your company and wills to ensure that everyone is dealt with exactly in accordance with your wishes.  Believe us, we’ve seen some unusual and sensitive scenarios and we understand how important this is to get right.  We have also seen it where clients have buried their heads in the sand and left behind a dispute: we’re sure that no one wants this outcome so we will help you to address the difficult questions.

Your succession planning might involve passing the business to your management team via a management buy out or “MBO”, to your children or selling the whole business to a third party. Whichever way you decide to go, we can help you and will work closely with you and your accountant to mitigate tax costs where possible and leave your loved ones with the gifts you want to bequeath rather than a dispute in the making.

Your lives are inextricably linked to your business so planning for the future means you need an holistic look at everything from your business assets to the gifts you want to make to your family. We don’t see a line between commercial work and “private client”, we treat you as a person with many different facets and look after them all.  Our private client work is borne out of this approach to all of our owner manager clients, we see you as hard working human beings after all.

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