Comprehensive Will Writing Services

Looking to write your will? We have partnered with White Deer Wills to give you peace of mind. 

A Will is a legal document that allows you to determine what happens to your money, property, and possessions (your ‘estate’) after your death. 
White Deer Wills provide a free no-obligation half-hour discovery consultation to discern the clients’ objectives, get a brief outline of their estate and to answer any questions clients may have. Please feel free to book your free discovery consultation by logging your desired date and time in to our calendar. 
Interested in setting up a will?


We partnered with White Deer Wills because we share the same aim: to protect our clients and help them achieve their long-term goals, in this case, looking after friends and family.

Why should you write a will? 

  • Ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes; 
  • Minimise inheritance tax for your loved ones; 
  • Appoint executors and legal guardians (for any minors); 
  • Update your existing wills (marriage or divorce, the birth of children or grandchildren etc.); 
  • Ensure that personal items are left with the correct recipients; 
  • Create trusts and make charitable donations. 


"Our mission is to make the process of creating a Will as simple as possible. Making a will is one of life's most important decisions and getting the best advice is crucial."


A pre-planned and written will enables you to clearly express your wishes regarding your estates etc. and to determine who will execute (be “in charge” of your estate). It would also specify any procedures your executor may be required to follow. 

Your last will and testament can also ensure that your loved ones are provided for in the most tax-efficient manner through careful planning. In the absence of a Will, your estate may be distributed according to intestacy laws. These laws are extremely rigid and may not reflect what you want to happen to your wealth or what is the most tax-efficient course of action

Tiger Law has partnered with the well established will writing firm, White Deer Wills, to provide bespoke and comprehensive will writing services to our clients: 

“Our mission is to make the process of creating a Will as simple as possible. Making a Will is one of life’s most important decisions and getting the best advice is crucial. 

We aim to help our clients understand the different options available and create a document that takes care of their wishes while at the same time deal with any legal or tax implications. We want to make sure at the time of greatest stress our clients have all their affairs in order and readily available to enable their executors and trustees to distribute and administer as seamlessly as possible. That’s why we offer both physical and digital storage for your Will and other important documents.”  – White Deer Wills 

 We collaborate closely with White Deer Wills to assist those of our clients with established businesses in their succession planning (share ownership, etc.) – to find out more about the future of your business, please click here.

White Deer Wills  also offer LPAs: Lasting power of Attorney, both domestic and commercial. 


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Martin Carr

Director, White Deer Wills

Daniel Carr

Director, White Deer Wills


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