Succession Planning

Most people don’t want to work forever, although some of us do! But however much you love what you do, you need to plan for what comes after. We regularly work with business owners to ensure that their personal plans tally up with their business plans, so that their shares end up going in the right direction and the next generation is catered for.


As owner managers, your lives are inextricably linked to your business so planning for the future means you need an holistic look at everything from your business assets to the gifts you want to make to your family. We don’t see a line between commercial work and “private client”, we treat you as a person with many different facets and look after them all.


tiger law employment & hr services

Employment Law & HR


Employment law is one thing, dealing with your HR is another and we do both. We don’t offer highly legalistic opinions on your options or leave you struggling with compliance. We’re here to take the headache away, deal with crises and ward off problems.


Unlike a lot of traditional law firms, we are flexible, commercial, transparent with our fees and working for your best interests rather than our bottom line. We know that we’re a grudge purchase and we know we’re just a service provider, so we take care to make it worth it for you every step of the way.If circumstances require, we can advise you on the form and content of settlement agreements and ensure that you’re protected going forward.


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