AI and IP – Two Uncomfortable Bedfellows

Can existing intellectual property rights survive the rise of the machines? by Jerry Bridge-Butler, Partner at Baron Warren Redfern   The word “intellectual” in the legal term “intellectual property” refers to the very human characteristic of being of the mind. IP is essentially any original thinking which has a value to us, be it music, inventions, business models, poems, films and so on. Humans have built complex legal structures around protecting IP, to ensure rightful ownership to those who came up with…

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Are you looking to take on a new Commercial Property Lease?

It is an exciting time for any business when looking at leasing a commercial property. Taking on a commercial lease is an important commitment and is not something to be taken lightly. Overlooking matters or rushing to sign the lease in order to get the keys released quickly without carrying out proper due diligence can prove costly. Some key points to consider when considering entering into a new lease:   Term A question often asked is “How long shall I take the lease for?”…

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Vanessa Challess shortlisted: G. British Entrepreneur Awards

[Wye, June 20th 2023] – Tiger Law, a Kent-based business, is excited to announce that their founder has been shortlisted for the prestigious 2023 Great British Entrepreneur Awards in the 'Purpose Entrepreneur of the Year' category. This recognition reflects her exceptional entrepreneurial spirit, dedication, and remarkable achievements within her industry. Now in its 11th year, and previously described as “The Grammys for Entrepreneurship”, The Great British Entrepreneur Awards celebrate the outstanding individuals and businesses that drive innovation, generate employment opportunities, and…

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House on a keychain

Lease or Licence, why does it matter?

By Ghazala Mahmood      O ccupiers of commercial properties need to know the legal basis of their occupation. Often the basis of occupation is made pursuant to a Lease or a Licence . There are many crucial differences between a Lease an d a Lic ence and if you are not sure of the status of your occupation, you will not be sure of your rights or obligations.     …

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Returning to the Office: The New(er) Normal?

It has been just over a year now since the end of lockdown, though it may sometimes feel much longer. Returning to work in the office is still somewhat of a hot topic, as a result, with companies and organisations working towards bringing their employees back in.  There is an obligation to return to the office where an employer requires you to do so, and your normal workplace is the office, but there is a duty of care owed by…

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Auderli – Business Legal Documents:  What Are They and How Should you Organise them?

Business Legal Documents:  What Are They and How Should you Organise them? As a business owner, it can be difficult to know where to start and what tools are available to you when it comes to organising your paperwork, particularly legal documents.  What is the best way to collate your important files and information? And how can this make your business run more smoothly? Our partners Auderli are here to break down the most important aspects to keep in mind when…

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Legal Fundamentals to Starting a Business

Starting a new business can be a minefield! From coming up with a niche idea, getting funding, incorporating the business, attracting customers and hiring staff, there is a never ending list of things that need to be done. It’s no wonder they say an entrepreneur's day is 24 hours! As an entrepreneur, your business is your baby, you’ve grown and developed it and naturally want it to succeed long term. That’s why we have prepared a list of some essentials for…

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home blog

Freedom From Ground Rent Obligations

Future home buyers will be free from ground rent obligations from 30 June 2022, when the government’s ban on charging ground rent on leases comes into force. From 30 June 2022, ground rent will be banned on most new residential leases from 30 June 2022, which should put an end to the expensive and unregulated cost of ground rent that has been borne by homeowners for so long. This new legislation forms part of the governments reform package that will…

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Lasting Powers of Attorney – The importance of understanding your role.

An LPA is a legal document that enables an individual (known as a Donor) to appoint a trusted person or people (known as Attorneys) to manage their affairs and make decisions on their behalf in the event that they lose mental capacity.   There are two types of LPA:    A Property and Finance LPA; and    A Health and Welfare LPA.   If you are asked to be an attorney for someone, it is…

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We’ve been using Damion from Tiger Law for approximately a year now and having a permanently accessible lawyer to assist a SAAS company in corporate and employee contracts has been a significant component of our recent growth and success. Being able to rely on Damion for fast, immediate and accurate deliveries that our business depends on has been a source of immense comfort. We highly recommend Damion for any legal work that is relevant

Cem Kocu, Director, Eventogy Ltd March 2022 ,

Damion’s can do, responsive, proactive and straight forward approach means that not only will I be happy to use his services again, but also recommend him to our customers.
thanks Damion and Tiger Law

Dror Levy ,

Damion, we would like to take this opportunity to thank for all your help with the implementation of our EMI scheme. We went into this with a degree of trepidation as this was a massive undertaking for us. You however have helped make this a straightforward procedure and we thank you for your use of ‘plain speaking English’ to enable us to properly understand this new scheme. Should we have any further need of legal advice for our business we will definitely be in touch.


Robert Sanders, Director, Structura UK Ltd ,


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