Tiger to Tiger

You can guess from our name that the legal tigers at Tiger Law love our magnificent namesakes in the wild. So when our firm launched we decided that we owed a debt of gratitude for the honour of associating our brand with these powerful and intelligent creatures.

Tiger Law supports
the TOFTigers Village Wildlife Guardian Scheme

Our hunt for a way to help endangered tiger populations to survive and increase in the wild quickly led to an introduction to TOFTigers and their Village Wildlife Guardian Scheme. This program, which operates in the Rhanthambhore Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan, India, works with a network of local villagers around the borders of the park and has achieved some impressive results.

Image ©Aditya Singh/TigerWatch

Meet the Tiger Guardians of Rhanthambore

Given that one of our areas of expertise is HR & Employment Law , Tiger Law is keen to support people as well as animals.

So we were delighted to discover that the TOFTigers Village Guardian program provided us with an ideal opportunity to help villagers as well as the tigers themselves.

Helping secure the long-term future of tigers
and other endangered species in the wilds of India

The Indian subcontinent has one of the world’s richest natural biodiversity, nestled from the mountains of the Himalayas to the swamps of the Sundabans. However it faces the demands of 1.4 billion people and the threat of extinction for thousands of its creatures and millions of acres of its remaining wild landscapes.

Although tiger numbers were up in India’s last official Tiger Census in 2015, poaching and pressures from man remain very real threats to the long-term survival of numerous endangered species in the wild – especially the Bengal tiger, now thought to number close to 2200 in India today.

To address this at a local level, where it counts, Tiger Law, alongside the UK’s own TOFTigers charity, is funding a growing network of Village Wildlife Guardians working with wildlife action charity, Tigerwatch, and the Field Directors and staff at Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan, India.

TOFTiger Village Guardians

TOFTiger Village Guardians. Find out more about TOFTigers

TOFTiger stalking by Aditya Singh

TOFTiger stalking ©Aditya Singh/TigerWatch. Visit Aditya’s gallery

Part time, trained guardians (called VWV’s or volunteers), chosen from villages prone to wildlife conflicts bordering Ranthambhore one of the world’s most important tiger habitats, now keep their eyes and ears primed for wildlife and illegal activities in and around their villages and homes. This is providing a proactive deterrent for poachers, illegal wood choppers and the bushmeat trade, as well as valuable research on tiger and other wildlife movements to help avoid conflict with humans and support conservation efforts. It’s a powerful protection force that is having an immediate and positive effect on the areas it covers.

TOFTiger Village Guardians

TOFTiger taking a bath©Aditya Singh/TigerWatch. Visit Aditya’s gallery

TOFTiger stalking by Aditya Singh

TOFTiger keeping a watchful eye on photographer Aditya Singh ©Aditya Singh/TigerWatch

Over the past year, the results have been astonishing. 40 Poaching cases uncovered, 17 tigers movements monitored across huge areas of landscape outside the reserve, dens protected, wildlife preserved, illegal mining and wood chopping stopped and 257 village wildlife conflicts resolved to make their homes safer and secure wildlife’s homes. Read the latest report about these wildlife heroes here.

In fact it’s been such a success, the Field Director wants far more guardians.

Want to help? Support an individual Village Guardian, and help them become a park’s eyes and ears around some of the India’s key tiger reserves. Follow their lives and hear about what they are doing.