Introduction of No Fault Divorce

In England and Wales there is only one ground for divorce; that the marriage has irretrievably broken down. Under current law, in order to bring a petition for divorce to the Court, an applicant will need to cite one of five facts in order to ‘prove’ their conclusion that the marriage has irretrievably broken down: Unreasonable behaviour of the respondent Adultery (not available for civil partnership dissolution) Desertion for at least 2 years Separation for at least…

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Without Prejudice – cutting through the legal jargon

“Without prejudice” is a term we lawyers use, especially when discussing settlement proposals. But what does this really mean, and why is it used? Why is this sometimes accompanied by the words “subject to costs” and “subject to contract”?   What does without prejudice mean?   Without prejudice is defined as: “without detriment to any existing right or claim”.   Therefore, if there is a claim in existence, any correspondence that is said to be without prejudice would be inadmissible in Court and cannot be made…

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Business Interruption

Overprotected…? When others have power to make decisions for you

Whether you are a fan of the pop princess Britney Spears or managed to avoid the pink fluffy pens and pigtails phase of the late 90s, the current stories emerging from the conservatorship case of Ms Spears, has caught the attention of thousands worldwide.  The thought that a person can be so closely controlled is causing outrage, especially over a woman’s bodily autonomy.     But many are also questioning what a “conservatorship” actually is and whether this could be done to any person.     There are different…

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Am I meant to be here?: Imposter Syndrome and How to Deal with It

2020 has been one of the toughest years for people in all industries. The global pandemic has not only impacted those in the working world, but especially fresh graduates who are striving to up-skill during multiple lockdowns to prove that they are ‘worthy’ of an employer’s approval. More often than not, we see ‘entry-level’ jobs being posted on LinkedIn by recruiters or job search websites that have contradicting pre-requisites. These job postings made little to no sense to me. How…

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Routes Into Law – Episode 3: Suzan Petrosian

Law - In this third episode of Routes Into Law, I met with Suzan Petrosian  Suzan is a Trainee Solicitor at Whitehead Monckton and is currently in the first seat of her training contract. Suzan and I met when we both worked as secretaries at Whitehead Monckton. Read on to learn more about her journey into law….. What is your current role? Trainee Solicitor. I’m currently halfway through my first seat in Corporate-Employment! What did you want to be…

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Settlement in a civil dispute

Settlement in civil disputes

Let's look at the benefits and things you should know about settlement in civil disputes. Introduction  Here at Tiger Law, we deal with a wide range of disputes in our civil litigation department. Settlement is a topic that always comes up, and understandably, our clients often think that accepting or even approaching settlement in civil disputes will make the other side think that they are admitting something. Here, we look at why this is not the case. The coward’s way…

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Can I divorce without a solicitor?

Can I divorce without a solicitor?

Many people wonder about whether or not they can divorce without a solicitor. So, do you need a solicitor for your divorce or can you do it yourself? The simple answer is that you don’t have to have a solicitor for your divorce.  It is perfectly possible to represent yourself if you choose, but it’s important to bear in mind that there are plenty of things that can crop up that might not be easy to deal with –…

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Child contact and domestic abuse

Domestic Abuse and Child Contact: What the law can do

Where there is history of domestic abuse, the law in relation to contact with children could be quite surprising to some. The Children Act 1989 sets out that there is a presumption of parental involvement. It will be presumed, unless shown to the contrary, that involvement of some kind, either direct or indirect, from each parent will be beneficial for the child. Contact will only be permitted if it does not pose a risk to the child. The type of order that…

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I reached out to Tiger Law as they came recommended from a friend. As a start-up I didn’t know what I needed or what my requirements were. Damion Way was assigned to me and couldn’t be more helpful. He spent time talking to me understanding what I wanted to accomplish and helped guide me. He went the extra mile with advice for me and produced everything I needed to get my business started to an exceptional standard giving me peace of mind knowing I’m fully legal and compliant. His sector knowledge and attention to detail was second to none and I know I won’t be going anywhere else. Couldn’t recommend Tiger Law more.

Stephen Jenner, Director, StepTech Solutions Ltd ,

I would highly recommend Damion for providing me with expert services in writing our Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and other documents to assist my software platform to go live. A very professional individual at really competitive prices. Thanks for giving me professional input and suggestions for my website, really helpful.

Naveen Garg, Director, TM Techsoft Ltd / “Town Market” app ,

We worked with Damion and the team at Tiger Law to get our new business set up with the essential contracts we needed and were extremely pleased with the service and products they delivered. Everything was explained simply and thoroughly and Damion was very quick to turn everything around. We needed a few rounds of amends to meet our specific needs, but nothing was ever too much trouble and the whole process ran very smoothly. The team were friendly, knowledgeable and efficient and I would recommend Tiger Law to anyone looking for legal support.

Alex O’Rourke, Co-Founder, LockSmith Consulting Limited ,

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