Intellectual Property Services 

Jerry Bridge-Butler

Partner at Baron Warren Redfern.

A Chartered Patent Attorney and Chartered Trade Mark Attorney, Jerry handles all of Tiger Law’s IP enquiries.

Do you need to protect your brand name, or secure rights to new inventions or product designs? Have you encountered someone copying your business, or been accused of copying by someone else?

At Tiger Law, we have partnered with leading intellectual property firm Baron Warren Redfern to provide you with the full spectrum of IP services.

With over 190 years of experience in this area, BWR is perfectly placed to help you with your patent, trade mark, design or copyright requirements. 

Trade Marks

All businesses which sell goods or provide services to their customers have a trade mark. All the efforts put into producing high quality goods and services, and all the marketing, promotion and advertising, is all invested in that branding. 

Your trade mark will therefore serve to attract new customers, welcome back existing customers, and will represent the qualities and characteristics of your business. The very last thing you want is for someone else to start using your trade mark, or something confusingly similar to it. In order to prevent that happening you need to obtain a trade mark registration. 


Tiger Law partnered with BWR because we share the same aim: to protect our clients and help them achieve their long-term goals, in this case, looking after their valuable intellectual property.

Tiger Law

BWR provides a free hour consultation to all new clients to discuss their requirements, so if you need to speak to someone to investigate protecting your good name, do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Patents and Registered Designs

If your business invests in research and development then you need to protect that investment with patents or registered designs to ensure that the fruits of your labour are yours alone to exploit. Patents protect new technical inventions, which can be anything from a new hair clip to a satellite launching system, while registered designs protect the aesthetic appearance of commercial products. 

Such registered rights give the owners the power to prevent copying, both by their legitimate rivals and by dishonest counterfeiters. But more than that patents and registered designs also add considerable value to any business, which can be crucial to securing investment or to a successful exit strategy. If you would like to discuss protecting your innovations in this way, you can take advantage of BWR’s free hour consultation. 

IP Infringement

Receiving a threatening letter from an aggrieved IP rights owner can be a daunting experience. 

Sometimes the complaint is legitimate, and you will need to negotiate an acceptable solution with the rights owner, while other times the complaint is spurious and you will need to rebut it to protect your position. Having quick access to the right kind of help in such situations is critical, and BWR is here to help. 



“Intellectual Property law is highly complex, but we specialise in helping our clients to clearly understand their situation, and to make informed decisions. We don’t shy away from giving our opinion and letting you know what’s best for your business, and its this quality more than any other that our clients appreciate the most. “We have experience representing clients in virtually every area of commerce, and they range from the largest of international corporates to individual people just starting out. This breadth of experience gives us the edge in providing the right services and advice”


Tiger Law partnered with BWR because we share the same aim: to protect our clients and help them achieve their long-term goals, in this case, looking after their valuable intellectual property. With its focus on providing clear and understandable advice, while also being approachable and sympathetic, BWR is the ideal choice as IP partner for Tiger Law.


Information on this website is for the general purpose of highlighting potential issues and is not advice specific to any particular situation.

If, after reading our content, you have concerns about your protecting your business, please contact us for a chat and we will help you to review what you have in place and whether there are any gaps in your filing cabinet.

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