Vanessa founded the firm with the clear objective of keeping her clients away from expensive and messy disputes by putting in place the right agreements. With a strong background in litigation, she has seen it hit the fan in just about any imaginable circumstance. She has always been comfortable asking the tough questions, spotting gaps and pitfalls and building contracts designed to prevent problems. Unlike most commercial solicitors who have never seen their work pulled apart by the opposition or judge, Vanessa drafts with this very much in mind.

However, with the best will in the world, it’s just not possible for everyone to steer away from legal disputes. With diverse clients in construction, tech, engineering, finance and more, arguments happen and sometimes people just don’t pay.

Tiger can help to negotiate settlements in the background, take over for you and fight in your corner all the way to the High Court but always properly advising you on the merits and risks. As Vanessa has always said, “how much do you want to spend on being right?” – we will never encourage our clients to throw good money after bad nor prolong a dispute. No matter how bitter the pill, if we can bring about an early resolution and save you money, then this is what we will quite firmly advise you.

We work with mediators in a number of fields and will be able to refer matters to specialists where we think a mediated outcome is going to work best for you.

We have low cost debt recovery solutions for those painful smaller debts where the winner doesn’t recover legal costs all the way through to high value, High Court actions. With strong relationships with superb barristers who gladly support us and our clients, we have a very robust and realistic approach. One of our favourite barristers has remarked that working with us puts him on the side of angels because we pick the right fights for the right people.

What we don’t do is give you umpteen options in impenetrable language and leave you to decide “what next?!” 

Here’s some of what we do do:

  • shareholder and partnership disputes 
  • contract disputes between manufactures, suppliers and distributors
  • debt recovery
  • insolvency proceedings
  • consumer disputes
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • landlord and tenant disputes including dilapidations and possession 
  • employment disputes
  • support family solicitors in divorce proceedings on the corporate aspects
  • contentious probate and trust/beneficiary disputes

What we also do is fight hard in your corner with an eye to getting you back to what you really want to be doing: running your business and living your life. 

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