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Taking advantage of a person’s vulnerability is never seen as a good thing or an attribute to be admired, however there are those in the legal industry perpetuating the stereotype that they are out to gain an advantage through another’s suffering.   One does not expect to visit a solicitor’s office, following the death of a loved one to collect the Will,  to find marketing material included with their documents.  This is what happened to one our clients recently, and here at…

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Since GDPR came into force in May 2018, individuals your business deals with have the following rights¹ regarding the information you have about them: • The right to be informed • The right of access • The right to rectification • The right to erasure • The right to restrict processing • The right to data portability • The right to object • Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling . As a business you have the…

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On the Money: Managing Legal Fees for Small Businesses

On the Money Managing Legal Fees for Small Businesses According to analysis of an extensive YouGov poll carried out by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), the UK’s SME’s are losing up to £13.6 BILLION every year due to failures in taking care of their legal matters. That’s a lot of money. So what’s going on? Tiger Law has some answers. Managing Legal Fees for Small Businesses The CEBR reports that UK business owners display reluctance to engage legal advice…

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The Dotted Line: Contract Know-How for SME’s

The Dotted Line What you need to know about contracts and your business Contracts are the glue that binds all our business lives and activities together. In fact they are part of everyday life – we all enter into contractual agreements far more often than we think – every time we accept terms & conditions from another party or agree to provide a service to someone on or offline, we enter into a contract. Whether you are agreeing to supply…

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BREXIT, GDPR & YOUR BUSINESS Most of us will have heard of the GDPR but a lot of us won’t really understand what it is and why it’s important if we’re leaving the EU, whatever your views on that might be. As a current EU member, the GDPR will become binding without our parliament doing anything about it, so it’s going to be law while we’re still in the EU and we may want to encourage compliance with it after leaving…

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