TOFT: How our tigers are doing!

Tiger Law is a proud sponsor of the TOFTigers Village Wildlife Guardians. We recently received some very welcome news about how the program is going.

Everyone at Tiger Law was thrilled with our recent update from the TOFTigers Village Wildlife Guardians program which arrived in our inboxes from India recently.

We became sponsors of the program when we launched Tiger Law early in 2017. We wanted a way to repay our wild namesakes for the privilege of using their name to represent our brand.

The program allows companies to sponsor a Village Wildlife Guardian who works with wildlife action charity, Tigerwatch, and the Field Directors and staff at Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan, India.

The Guardians are local village residents who help protect the tigers in the reserve by monitoring their activity and keep an eye out for illegal activity by poachers, illegal wood-choppers and the bushmeat trade which threaten the tigers themselves as well as their habitat. They also provide valuable research data and help prevent potential conflict between villagers and wildlife.

        Meet Village Wildlife Guardian Rupchand

Village Wildlife Guardians are drawn from local communities. Our contact at TOFTigers sent us the following news about Rupchand:
















“Rupchand is a professional tailor by training, but being a Bairwa tribal, few opportunities have existed for him till now. However, he has become, with his part time job as a Village Wildlife Guardian, a remarkable hero at catching poachers and saving India’s precious wildlife.

As part of a team of a Village Wildlife Guardian team, coordinated by local NGO, Tigerwatch and funded by TOFTigers members and other individuals, they are all local villagers living around the famous Ranthambhore Tiger reserve in Rajasthan, India.

Rupchand has already caught many poachers and saved many tigers and other wildlife from being killed or maimed by poachers and booby traps designed to kill wandering wildlife.

Earlier this year, Valmik Thapar, one of India best known tiger experts rewarded him for his efforts. One example was highlighted of his skills. When Rupchand heard news that the Forest Department had failed to capture a picture of a tiger known in a particularly range over a few months, a tiger living close to villagers in Kailadevi sanctuary, he personally went there and with his camera traps captured the tiger in a single day, so that the team were quickly able to identify the individual tiger and its likely movements in and around the area.

Today he is now the coordinator for 6 other guardians, and helps set up a Village Guardian team along the vital Ranthambhore- Kuno Palpur forest corridor to ensure the protection of young male tigers moving from one reserve to the next, looking for territory.

-Julian Matthews – TOFTigers UK

Tigerwatch photos of Village Wildlife Guardian Rupchand and colleagues at the famous Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan, India

You can support Rupchand and his brave village colleagues here;


Rhanthambhore is now “bursting with tigers”!

As well as our update on our faraway colleague Rupchand, we also received news about the resounding ongoing success of the project. Julian Matthews of TOFTigers writes:


“Delighted to attach details her of the project. It’s going very well – and as you can see lots of issues tackled and resolved.
Ranthambhore has always had lots of animals outside its parks – hence the need here. In fact its now bursting with tigers – something that was not even conceivable in 2004 when we founded the charity!

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